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Gothic culture and style is whatever the perpetrator wants it to be. Every individual has their own interpretation of what is and what is not Gothic. The style is based on a few basic common denominators: black usually being the precursor to the rest. A person who adopts the Gothic style will inevitably place their own mark on what is deemed to be 'Goth', variants in style, poise and demeanour are common among Goth's and no two are ever the same. Goth's as a sub-culture are undeniably the most misunderstood, the stereotypes portrayed by the media and other groups (i.e. the chav) are grossly inaccurate and offensive on occasion! 90% of the Gothic culture revolves around intellect, creativity and differentiation. A usual Goth will try to distance themselves from the 'norm' of society, sometimes to feel different, sometimes for attention (although on a temporary basis) but nine times out of ten it is just because they want to. A Goths' individuality is paramount, we do it because we want to and we do it because it makes us feel happy and secure within our own skin...nothing more.
Individual, creative, insightful, unique to themselves. These are presiding attributes of the Gothic culture.
by VIII June 07, 2005

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