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49 definitions by VICKI KARMA

An abreviation for the word details. Typically used in casual email conversations. Not so much in the real due to the lameness of using slang in speech.
Email to friend: Sorry to hear you lost yor phone, here are my phone numbers as you requested.

Email reply: Thanks for getting back to me with the deets, i appreciate it. Talk soon! Peace
by VICKI KARMA November 01, 2006
Someone who spends far too much time adding words into the Urban Dictionary
'That a good one for the self proclaimed urban dic'
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
The dream of every miss world.
miss world-

i dream of world peace and finding my piece of that peace.


we have found a winner
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
someone who munches butts either for the pupose of sexual pleasure or for their own social/political advancement.
stop being so nice...you're such a butt-muncher!
by VICKI KARMA March 12, 2006
Everything that is put in front of you during any given day.
How was your day?
Testing!...but i did well at not passing every test!...Hope i get a better run tomorrow.
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
Another word for Penis, usually used as a slang when talking dirty. Mostly used by gutter-slappers and pornstars.

The word was never really that cool and lost any remaining substance when it was pathetically used by the loser poor excuse for a human, who exploited mi lil friend Paris Hilton in the unauthorised movie

Origin - The word cock was derived back in the day when everyone had a chook pen in their backyard. When the chickens awoke to the morning light, they would go 'cock-a-doodle-do'. This (depending on the amount of alcohol consumed the night before) would co-incide with the male morning glory. Thus, the word cock and the word doodle were coined as the new names for all the young fella's who live downstairs.
get your cock out of my face...i am trying to watch tv
by VICKI KARMA March 12, 2006
When an author of an urban word gives themselves a thumbs up but they accidently hit the thumbs down button instead.
I've got a word in the urban dictionary and it has 37 thumbs up...And one thumbs down...

And you've only had it up for 38 days! Not bad pseudo Karma odds! hehe
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006