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49 definitions by VICKI KARMA

A person who listens and learns from everything they see and hear.
I go to Uni where i'm trying to get worded up and as soon as, i will work for a publishing company.
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
2 3
A person who dresses like a wigger and tries to rap and rides a skateboard and tries to rally gangs.
p1)That skater sounded like he had cans in his bag.

p2)Little skigger better not do my fence, i will cain his tag all over their neighborhood!
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
4 5
When a person gets sued for a wrongdoing that was previously only governed by the karmarical forces of nature.
I heard you got taken to court for using copyright material on your webpage. Thats a pity...Karmasuedya.
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
1 2
It relates to superluminal jets which travel 2.5 times faster than the speed of light. It can be used as a term of indearment.
If you buy something on eBay and you get it the next day, you could say in your feedback 'Superluminal postage' Top eBayer Highly recommended AAAAA+++++ :)
by VICKI KARMA October 18, 2006
16 17
When someobody asks if you know something and they're obviously about to tell you. You answer 'Gig me up'...meaning load me up with information. It's prose relating to the term gig stick.
Thinker: Did you know that Ed Witten created the M theory which is basically the formula for magic?

Minion: No! Gig me up, what's the go with that?

Thinker: Yeah, everything you think has the possibly to manifest into Matter, :. goal setting is now a science.

Minion: Wow, so that's why we get a trophy if we win a race!

Thinker: My minion, you are learning, this is correct, every dream has a material counterpart. You don't get nothing for something, just like you can't something for nothing.
by Vicki Karma October 17, 2006
5 6
Describes indecisiveness.
'I dont know which game to play let alone which team i want to be on...argh...This is prefense'
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
1 3
Someone who forgets who they pinch opinions from in conversation and then before they even google it, they use it in further conversations as if it were their own.
I told you that. You just copy and pasted that from our last conversation.

!copy and paster!
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
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