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When you have done more than your fair share of work or play, on any given occassion.
What a day! BDO 06 was huge...by the end of the day i was so gigged out i fell asleep as soon as i got home.
#over worked #played out #wacked #gone #over it #worked #flogged #flat sticked
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
When you hear something otherwise unheard of by you and/or the general public. It is momentarily classified as 'so news'
Don: Why are you eating fried food before the exam? Did you not know that the ability to think is controlled by what you eat?

Ron: No i didnt that is so news to me...but peh, who cares!

#newsworthy #new knowledge #idea #concept #gossip #hot goss #juicy news
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
Someone who can go from being a nice person into a deceptive opportunist with in nano seconds. One minute they are your best friend, the next they are walking off with the copyright draft of your first novel.

You never know someone is an omnicon beause they are deceptivley friendly and decisive in their plans. An omnicon could very well be classed as a visionary but due to their criminally minded behaviour and outlook, they are never referred to by anything less than opportunist.
How did your house painting go?
well it didnt really, the tradesman turned out to be an "omnicon", i came home to find to find the place emptied out.
#omniconman #opportunist #creep #transformer #blood sucker #anti-visionary
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
A negative response used for a question that is absurd and/or disgusting.
Q>I have the house to my self, do you want to come over?
A>Yuk no!
#eww #not even #as if #pft #in your dreams
by VICKI KARMA September 08, 2007
To manifest a dream into reality. M theory relates to the concept of the overall string theory and quantum mechanics. The M Theory was derived by Ed Witten in 1995 and stands for Magic or Matrix or according to test! It affliliates quantum mechanics with the workings of thought verses action.

In golf, a hole in one is the perfect use of M Theory.
Jerry: I'm going to make a space ship and fly to the closest star!

Watson: How on earth can you do that?

Jerry: Easy, M Theory! Its elementry my dear Watson.
#magic #matrix #subject to test #freethought #action #go getting #ability #intention #success
by VICKI KARMA October 18, 2006

The abbreviation for a rude gesture.
That wasn't nice google this
#ups #singulary fork #fork you #pft #yep #whatever #really #get this
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
A term used to describe an outlandish claim or scientific theory. It usually preceeds quantumization of the actual fact.
Vicki: Do you think there is a camera that studies stars systems and finds the relational human being on earth?

Brett: Maybe in science viction! Knowing you it will be true.

Vicki: I just googled it and its called spectroscopy. So now its fact! hahaha
#science fiction vs fact #absurditory #maningful dribble #flappy #blahness #ed witteny
by VICKI KARMA October 18, 2006
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