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Another word for Penis, usually used as a slang when talking dirty. Mostly used by gutter-slappers and pornstars.

The word was never really that cool and lost any remaining substance when it was pathetically used by the loser poor excuse for a human, who exploited mi lil friend Paris Hilton in the unauthorised movie

Origin - The word cock was derived back in the day when everyone had a chook pen in their backyard. When the chickens awoke to the morning light, they would go 'cock-a-doodle-do'. This (depending on the amount of alcohol consumed the night before) would co-incide with the male morning glory. Thus, the word cock and the word doodle were coined as the new names for all the young fella's who live downstairs.
get your cock out of my face...i am trying to watch tv
by VICKI KARMA March 12, 2006
A ruthless greedy person who steals ideas or ideals from others because they are too depressed to confidently think of their own.
A tattoo shark is someone who gets ideas for tattoos from music video clips like for example Limp Bizkit.
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
To tell someone that they are not thinking straight and they need to get real!
Come off the grass, for heavens sake, there is no point debating the issue, it is illegal and therefore it is not the right thing to do.
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
A question to show someone that you did hear them but are wondering why they even said or did the stated in the first place.

Typically spoken with tonality or discust. And the Y is noted and pitched to emphasise the retoric of the question.

It ends up sounding like...What...but why.eye!
Did you know that i 'enter something viol and discusting'!

What but why!
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
A person, usualy female with a very obscene vocabulary who sleeps with the lowest form of human beings for free.

A gutter-slapper is usually defined as being on drugs with no moral fibre or substance.

Gutter-slappers are regarded as the riff-raff of the community, however they play an important role in the todays culture, as they are becoming one of the fastest growing sports for ugly people. :) without gutter-slappers in our community, there would be a lot of bored unsexxed ugly people.
check out her eye makeup...it makes her look like a gutter-slapper...eeewwwwwww
by VICKI KARMA March 12, 2006
A person who thinks they know everything who really knows nothing at all. After two weeks of hanging around a dunno all, you know everything they know and that have not gathered one bit of intelligence when you catch up with them 4 years later. The stories and un-applied knowledge repeats itself.
Minion: have you seen Jo lately

Thinker: yEah, i havent seen her for years and she still has the same stories as back then. The only time she stopped talking was to listen for her echo!

Minion: Figures, I always thought she was a dunno-all!
by VICKI KARMA October 18, 2006
Instead of saying yeah, you throught the r sound on the end and you have a better sounding yeah. Yeahr was used in newsapaper cartoons back in the 80's.
bill:Vicki just got barrelled, did you see her in there for over 5 seconds.
by VICKI KARMA October 18, 2006
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