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An item which sticks thanks to some adhesive. Sure you can call it a sticker, but it is a little more fun calling it a stickamajigger.
Get that stickamajigger off my car!

Where's that stickamajigger? It's on my back? OK! Very funny!

Aw, man. Not that stickamajigger again!
by VGVGVG August 24, 2010
Combination of funny and hot.
Could be use in several ways:
- Gigi had a ha-hot day at the beach with her silly friends.

- We were a mess and couldn't stop laughing! Makeup melted and we got to the point that we were just ha-hot and didn't care anymore!

- one can also describe a funny and good looking person as "ha-hot" ... Xavier is ha-hot!
by VGVGVG August 20, 2010
When a person's friends (pals!) are their family, like their family, or (ahem) better than their actual family.
The rental lease required that Kim to provide an emergency contact, she mentally went through her palfamily and picked Gina.

Jim made sure all of his palfamily were invited to his sister's wedding.
by VGVGVG August 17, 2010
Going crazy and taking photo after photo of same subject. Taking many snapshots to the extreme!
Joe had a keen eye for out-of-ordinary things, however, when he spots something he goes into a snapperoni trance!

Jill sure knows how to stop traffic! She was taking like 100 snapshots of a old building and everyone couldn't figure out what was so interesting.
by VGVGVG August 13, 2010
running a marathon of errands. Having to run many errands.
Betty cancelled lunch plans since she wasn't finished running her errandarathon.

Bill had mentally reviewed the locations of the nine places he had to visit for today's errandarathon.
by VGVGVG February 14, 2011
To quickly send a photograph. To send a picture quickly online.
Tired of his profile photo, Jake decided to zap a snap he took earlier that day.

Johanna was so excited with her purchase, she zapped a snap of her new boots to her friend, Zoe.
by VGVGVG November 29, 2010
Short for ... Typing Tweets on Twitter.
Are you Twyping again?

I thought you were facebooking alot ... but you never stop Twyping! Do you?
by VGVGVG April 14, 2010

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