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1 definition by VAchild

the hottest upcoming area in the nation...also known as tidewater and hampton roads...includes the cities virginia beach (va beach), norfolk (the norva), chesapeake, suffolk, hampton, newport news and portsmouth (p-town)

famous people include missy elliot, the neptunes, timbaland, pharrel, clipse, michael vick, wayne newton, bob saget, 'zo morning, david wright, etc...

with a population over 2 million including surrounding area...it's the largest area in the nation without a pro sports team, but is getting it's name on the map in other ways...
the seven cities:

virginia beach - surfer region
norfolk - urban area
p-town - the southside's ghetto
chesapeake - suburbia
suffolk - peanuts
newport news - bad news
hampton - what are you known for?
by VAchild July 26, 2006