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1) (n) Person who cannot dress, a loser. Short for Alabama, meaning a person from the country, backwards unsophisticated.)
2) (n) Shake, a type of marijuana from the leaves rather than the buds of the hemp plant.
1. "Me and the rest of the bama's"
by VAKI5 September 14, 2003
Cheap "Old Englisch 800 Bier" always in 1l bottle
by VAKI5 August 16, 2003
ELM CITY BOYS - Primarily located in correctional facilities in Connecticut and appear to be a conglomeration of New Haven Street Gangs who have displayed a tendency to unite in the Correctional Facilities as the "ECB". According to intelligence gathered, the following New Haven street gangs comprise of the ECB within the Connecticut Department of Correction: The Ville", "The Hill", "Jungle boys", "KSI", "Island Family/Brothers" and "Elm City Posse".

by VAKI5 August 19, 2003
Techno freak ned
He's a Gabba
by VAKI5 August 16, 2003
1. addict (from an addict's habit of scratching self)
2. sound made when manipulating a record back and forth in a rhythmmatic fashion
3. windows "scratched" by graffiti writers
by VAKI5 August 20, 2003
A powerful, illegal drug, similar to heroine; powdered PCP (PhenylChlorinatedPiperidine).

Angels and fairies are sometimes thought to have magical dusts that alter reality. 'Angel dust' refers to a very powerful drug that alters users' minds.
1) Susan's brother is really acting crazy. Is he on angel dust?

2) The police found vials of angel dust in his bedroom closet.
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
references to females
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003

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