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Used by Snoop Dogg by MTV "Doggy Bizzle Televizzle" or so
What a dizzle!
by VAKI5 August 15, 2003
East Compton Piru - Blood Gang in Compton, California
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
he was having a blue with his wife
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
An attractive older woman or an attractive mother. See also MILF.
"Have you ever been to her house? Her mom's a total yummy mummy!"
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
A convenient excuse for typos in an instant message conversation
Did you see the eggs on that chick? Oops, DT, I meant legs.
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
The area of memory attached to a process by brk(2) and sbrk(2) and used by malloc(3) as dynamic storage. So named from a malloc: corrupt arena message emitted when some early versions detected an impossible value in the free block list.
Arena, arena, arena!!!....
by VAKI5 January 23, 2005
a guy who over-dresses and wants to look like a mobster but really isn’t. Some casino Floor-Supervisors and (unconnected) Pit Bosses dress this way.
by VAKI5 November 02, 2003

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