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To be in a delicate situation; to be on the edge of danger or ruin.

An 'eggshell' is the thin, white outer coating of an egg. The shell is very thin and breaks easily. So if you are 'walking on eggshells' you are in a situation where you could break something (or get in trouble or ruin everything) very easily.

Synonym: walking on thin ice
1) Ever since I smashed their car, I've been walking on eggshells with my parents.

2) We're walking on eggshells with our landlord -- she told us that if we have one more loud party, she's going to kick us out of our apartment.
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
go to blows, a beating
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
To be out of options or alternative courses of action; to be stuck in a bad situation.

A 'rope' is thrown to someone who is in a difficult place, such as deep water or the edge of a cliff. If there is not enough rope, the person might be in trouble. So to be 'at the end of your rope' means that there is no more help available, and the situation is not good.

Synonyms: in a jam, at wit's end
I'm at the end of my rope -- I lost my job, my car died, and I don't have any money in the bank.
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
unfair blame, unjust sentence (english slang)
It was a bum rap. Eddie didn't steal those paintings.
by VAKI5 May 09, 2005
To eat greedily or quickly.
It's no wonder you have indigestion, wolfing your food that fast!
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
This is the closest equivalent to "cool". Can also be used impersonally.
Ay, que padre! pronounc: (PAH dray)
by VAKI5 September 20, 2005
Abbreviation of "pizza".
"Let's call Domino's and order up some za."
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005

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