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may have a lot of power with the big size = more weight, thats y u need all that power to push the weight.
v8 = slow

y do ya think turbos are invented...to gain as much if not more power and is hell of a lot lighter. let see u race ya v8 on a tight drift track, drag racing is nothing, no skill wat so eva, just put ya foot down and thats it.

try shifting gears while entering a corner, will see were your heavy engine takes u...hopfuly the wall!
Did u see that v8, under steer into the wall, cant understand why... the weight of the engine and the momentom which made it hit into the wall. HUUHH!! well its still a v8 it be alright...HAHAHA!!! not!

Stop draging 4 bangers and take on a 6cy Twin Turbo if ya think ya v8s got so much power. if not learn to drift and/or circut race, then we will see who has the better engine!
by V8 Hater August 16, 2006
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