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Pronounced as (Twee-mo) is a compound word for Twilight Emo

It's someone who tries to be or thinks they're Emo

and has a Obsession with Twilight, not to be mistaken for Premo

Signs if a Person is Twiemo:
-Thinks Twilight Is the only Awsome Movie

-Thinks They are Emo and is insulted if you mistake them with Goths
-Has full knowledge of all 4 Twilight books
-Will have a User-Name For Example: MagaEmoGirl16
-Likes bands such as but not limited to:
My Chemical Romance

Dot Dot Curve

-For Singers, Twiemos who only sing seem to have a low tolerance to Music of another Genera/Style and only listen to popular Emo, Techno, Screemo.

-For Instrument Players, they seem to have high tolerance to music of others Styles. They also do further research into the music they practice and dont just listin to popular Top 40 Screemo.

-Teased Hair Most likely to have Highlights
-If they wear glasses, they wear ones with Checkered patterns on most occasions

-Likely to have a collection of Flair Pins and Patches
-Common to be Highly Conceited

-Females have been found to be Desperate

-Has not yet realized the world around them
-Few believe the world is according to them
-Cant deal with high levels of stress

May seem like any other human

but put it all together and you have a diffrent situation of Emo
Not all Signs have to Apply

The Key Sign is thier obsession for Twilight and all other Twilight related signs.
A) Shane Dawson's Interactive Torture Choice 1: A Girl that will explain all 4 Books of Twilight with a passion and without hesitation.

Deja: Hey, Jose
Jose: What's up
Deja: Sierra is such a Twiemo!!!
Jose:So are you!!!
Deja: Shut up, how's that?
Jose: 1) Both of you think your Emo
2) Both of you are like a Human Twilight Encyclopedia
by V4VENTURA October 18, 2009
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