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Perhaps one of the greatest cars ever made. Safe, reliable, good looking, fast, comfortable, luxurious and decently priced. Volvo drivers are generally smarter people who enjoy driving something different and unique. Modded Volvo drivers are proud to own a unique piece of art that can blow the doors of any ricer kid in a Civic that dares challenge him. It is something different that no one else has, and no one suspects it. The ultimate sleeper. Modern day Volvo's such as the S60R and V70R churn out 300hp and can blast to 60MPH in as little as 5.5 seconds stock. The older volvos, pre-2001, were generally on the boxy sive, excluding the stunning C70 coupe and convertible, the old V40 and S40, and the luxurious S80 sedan. These cars are different than everything alse on the road at that time. Sure you could have had the typical Lexus or BMW, but since they all have that "round" look, they all just blend together, and end up looking like a piece of tofu. The Volvo's during that time, like the amazing 240hp 1995 850 T-5R or the 260hp 1998 S70R, had much sharper lines, not making them the boxes like the previous models of the 80's, but giving them character, and a presence that none of their competitors can replicate.
Most recently, the 2006 models: S40 T5 AWD and V50 T5 AWD. S60 2.4, 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, T5 and R models. V70 2.4. 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, T5, and R models. S80 T6. XC90, 2.9, T6 and new V8 (Volvo's first V8) XC70, with a 208hp 2.5T.

Older models pre-2006 include the always beautiful, perhaps the msot stunning volvo ever made, hte C70 coupe and convertible. Starting their production for Model Year 98, the coupe ending in 2002 and the convertible in 2004. The C70 has been redesigned for 2007 as a hard top convertible. Other models like the first generation V70 and V70 XC, the S70, the first generation S40 and the old V40 which was replaced by the V50. Moving into the mid-early 90's, the famous 850 was made, starting in 93, and ending in 97. The best being the 95 850 T-5R in yellow with 240hp, or the 96 850R Wagon with 240hp. Other models around that time were the old S90, which replaced then 940 and 960. The last year 93 of the classic 240.
by V44 July 07, 2005

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