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Almost the same as Hardstyle but more like Jumpstyle
Last Night at the club the Ravers where Stomp-styling

We did some stomp-style at the rave last night!
by V01 Hayden Ruffo March 13, 2009
When to gain XP or skill in a vidio game by using something else exept a macro Cheat Code or Glitch
Person 1:Wow your a High level
Person 2:Yea i just Moused it

Guy 1:What are you doin?
Guy 2:Mousing it
by V01 Hayden Ruffo March 13, 2009
A Person Who is annoying and possibly gay
Siddski:Hey Wats up everyone

Person1: Go away you Siddski!
by V01 Hayden Ruffo March 15, 2009
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