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The pussy's mouth which is very fun to lick
I sucker her pussy lips all night long!
by V-man March 10, 2004
The ultimate power in the universe known to man. Superior to anything else used for combat, including people and devices.
Don't piss Corby off or he'll send his Flying Ninja Monkeys after you!
by V-Man December 14, 2004
The result of violently being penetrated excessively in the anus.
"Yo that bitch got a fine ass butt sack"
"Ima blade on yo mommas butt sack!"
by V-Man April 20, 2005
Getting banged and strangled at the same time
She got bangiled by a gang yesterday..
by V-man February 17, 2005
The act of roller blading on ones mommas behind. Often used to offend someone or just to sound cool.
Ill blade down stairs, ill blade down rails. Shit ill blade on yo mommas ass. Fuck yall im goen bladen
by V-Man April 18, 2005

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