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Socially awkward and often positioned out of the view of others. Avoids peer interactions and intimate relationships. Prone to computer technology and artistic pursuits. An introvert who may come out of the proverbial "clam shell" but this is a rarity."
Ryan sure was clammy last night; he positioned himself in the corner of the room during the entire party, barely spoke to anyone, and looked super uncomfortable.
by V Neck Saffron August 25, 2010
When you exit the bar, house, job, relationship, etc without the typical niceties or bothersome social morays.

Similar to an "irish goodbye."
Randy and Joe were out for a day of skateboarding around the city. Randy was excited to try out his new board and jetted off in front to lead the pack. When he slowed down to share with Joe how great his new board was, Joe was nowhere to be found. Joe didn't like his socks and had decided 10 minutes prior that he was going home. Randy thought to himself, "damn, I guess Joe 35th'd it again."
by V Neck Saffron June 11, 2010
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