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37 definitions by V

someone/thing who is nasty, ugly or unattractive.
She thinks she's all that with her Louis Vuiton and Prada and shit but her face is rotted.
by v August 24, 2004
Boobs, hooters, what ever you want to call them but this is a great word to use, that is damn catchy.
She has big Tolts.
by V May 21, 2004
A very foolish person, a dork, etc.
You puffbunny! I wanted fries on the side, not onion rings!
by V November 15, 2004
a mix of caucasian, black, and asian.
usually either very hot or not.
the rock is almost there he just needs some white in him...whooo he's fine~
tiger woods is a cablazin.
by V October 22, 2004
The act of oral sex around the anal area.
She wasn't afraid of cleaing his tailpipe even though he took sloppy dumps.
by V November 15, 2002
California's govenor who's last name in literal german translation is "black negro "
ouch! kinda redundant.
hey at least he didn't pick it
by V October 22, 2004
A chinchilla's bark
When my chinchilla gets pissed off he Quibbles.
by V May 03, 2004