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A Hot fag- it who hates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 345-9816
Chase Boi Bean Head Don't want me 2 call him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(So feel free 2 call him 4 me!)
by Uzas October 22, 2003
Jillian Lynn Tayler, n otha words a dumbY frien of urs!
Muh frien minkey, is cummin wit uz 2 tha party!
by Uzas October 22, 2003
fuckin ur friens' motha
I'm be muckin 2nite!
by Uzas October 22, 2003
a very dumb song/funny
Uh-oh! I'm A ducky, ur a ducky, we're all a bunch of duckies 2getha! (Uh-oh!) We're big & yellow & fluffy 2! (Uh-oh!) Ducky fuckies rule! (uh-oh!)
by Uzas October 22, 2003
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