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7 definitions by UzF

"fuck" in a polite disguise.
preferrably pronounced with a tagalog or arabic Q.
-Books fuq my head!

-You dumbfuq!
by UzF April 21, 2005
126 96
Annoying garbage.

1- Any constant bothersome brought by less significant matters when other things need to be taken care of.

2- Any challenge seen by a person as nonrelevant that stands in the way of achieving a set goal.
-"Can't you see I'm busy? Spare me the annoyage please."
-"Dental school would be a lot easier if not for all the psychosocial annoyage".
by UzF March 05, 2008
5 2
As decided by the founder members of HHJJ club, steep killing is to dance so immensely and violently to the level of hurting people around; Such as stepping on someone's foot or dropping down somebody.
-"Hey dude, chill down. You've steep-killed me!"

-"Oh god I'm so excited, this calls for some serious-a** steep-killin'!"

-Approved by Jackie, Gigi, TheDon, and UzF
by UzF December 06, 2004
2 2
A less offensive variant of motherfucker.
-Drop the pressure mothurfecker.
by UzF April 03, 2008
0 3
A desperate Japanese wanna-be no matter how non logical and even rediculous they might look, sound, think and/or dress.
however, there are good example of japanoids although it's an endangered species.
-Oh my god stop talking to me about anime! i dont give rats, dont be such a japanoid!

-Imagine, she made a surgery to have the thong eyes, such a japanoid!

-Gwen Stefani is the latest celebrity Japanoid. good for her!
by UzF December 29, 2004
8 11
a.k.a mogolian eyes, the main feature of the east asian people.
an expression created by Kuwaiti students in the U.S. to refer secretly to their asian classmates.
-Wo check that hot thong-eyes!

-OMG thong-eyes piss me off with with their non-stop laughs over anything and everything.
by UzF December 29, 2004
8 58
Lethal Sexy Dancing.

As defined by the HHJJ club founder members, LSD is usually accompanied by Steep-killing; to dance so violently so as to hurting surrounding people.
LSD is usually conducted with disco lights effects.
-"Hey baby, are you in the mood for some LSD?"

-"We had an LSD after my birthday party, that was so cool!"

-Approved by Jackie, Gigi, TheDon, and UzF
by UzF December 06, 2004
13 80