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A Facebook® user who suffers from any number of depressive conditions and thus only posts depressing, awkward and dismal status updates.
"I had to remove Annette from my news feed because her status updates are always so incredibly depressing. She's become a real Facebummer lately."
by Uvula February 17, 2010
<pū•bō•fīl/PYOO-bo-file> n. 1. one who appreciates and/or prefers pubic hair either on themselves or others 2. an individual who generally rejects the practice of completely removing the pubic hair on or around the genitalia thus resulting in a shorn pubis or, colloquially, a Brazilian wax job. • Most pubophiles tend to prefer a trimmed and well maintained pubis, while in some cases the pubophile may fall into the category of a fetishist who has a particular sexual attraction to excessive body hair.
Bob told me that he wouldn't sleep with that girl he picked up at the bar the other night because she shaved all of her pubic hair off. He said it made her pussy look like an eight-year old's and that he wasn't down with that. Ol' Bob is a real pubophile.
by Uvula February 17, 2010
The cerebral and metaphorically meteorological conditions that must be present for one to drunk dial and subsequently attempt coitus with a girl named Heather.
Dude 1: Dude, I'm going to go down to the Beer House tonight to tie one on.

Dude 2: Dude, does that mean Heather Weather is in the forecast?

Dude 1: Dude, I sure as heck hope so!

Dude 1 & Dude 2: Dude! *high five*
by Uvula February 17, 2010
1. A plane figure with three or more points.

2. A celebrity or one who is spectacular in a particular field.

3. A distant sun or planet appearing in the night sky as a point of light.

4. An anus.
1. Kelly dots her i's with little stars. I think she needs her medications adjusted.

2. Can you believe George Lopez is a star? How does that guy keep getting work?

3. That reddish looking star over there is actually the planet Mars.

4. When I was having sex with Jenni doggy-style, looking down at her star really turned me on.
by Uvula February 16, 2010

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