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A great Christian Metal band from Australia in 1990. It originally started as a thrash metal band, but turned to death metal by 1992 and then kept on messing around with different types of metal such as, speed, groove, more thrash, power, doom, and even hardcore.

Most people agree that their best album was Scrolls of the Megilloth, which was released in 1992 and was one of the first ever Christian death metal albums.

They have released about twelve studio albums, a few DVDs, lots of live albums, and a new album is underway.
Me: Mortification is one of the best bands ever.
Satanic Metalhead: Shut the f*** up!! My s*** is better than your Christian bulls***!!!
Me: *makes him listen to Scrolls of the Megilloth*
Stanic Metalhead: *runs away like a little girl*
#mortification #christian #metal #brutal #scrolls
by Usvart Jorge April 23, 2009
A word used among older Mexican-American gang members to refer to beer, particularly individual cans and bottles. It rose from the cholo vernacular used in Southern Arizona in the 70s and is now only used by old gangsters. The term flusher refers to how quickly beer can be "flushed" down the gullet quickly for maximum efficiency in becoming inebriated.
OG: Hey leper, let's get some flushers homie!

Teenager: Some what?

OG: Flushers, esse! Let's go get some beer!

Teenager: Awww yeah!
#beer #brewski #brews #cervezas #bud light
by Usvart Jorge June 17, 2013
When a band is forced to play a song in a lower key than it was originally recorded due to the singer's inability to reach the original key without making a mistake. It can apply to any band, whether they play original songs or covers. Named after ZP Theart, former lead singer of DragonForce, who made the band tune down between half a step and a full step because he had trouble singing the songs how they were originally made. This is not a necessarily negative thing as some songs are made interesting when in a lower key.
Me: Dude, you're downtuning the song 2 and a half steps?

Abe: Yep, what's wrong with that?

Me: Nothing at all... (walks away and does a facepalm) *whisper* darn Theart Syndrome...
#dragonforce #band #rock #autotune #singing
by Usvart Jorge September 19, 2010
What happens when you're chatting on a social networking site's (Facebook) IM when all of a sudden your conversation randomly erases permanently, therefore causing you to miss something that was said.
(Facebook chat window)

Me: Dude, I can't believe she still has that up!! (link to embarrassing picture)

Mikel: Dude, no way!!! ROFL

*chatwipe* (causing me to miss his message)

Me: Ummm... can you repeat that, man???
#facebook #myspace #chat #im #social #networking
by Usvart Jorge September 15, 2010
The cold beer is the best thing you can have on a Friday night. When you have the cold beer, everything is good. It is always the cold beer and not just "beer" or "cold beer". Made famous by retired professional wrestler, The Iron Sheik, on Twitter.
It's Friday night! Get the cold beer, bubba.
by Usvart Jorge November 02, 2015
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