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The phrase implies spending and/or committing to spend some sort of money in the given situation.
At the poker game last night, that donkey put that bread up and Usman moped him clean.
by Usman Aslam June 18, 2008
Ahhh! Get Buckieee! is an expression used when overwhelmed with joy and just radiating with energy. It loosely implies getting freaky/jiggy with the ladies.
Umair had had 3 red bulls at Webster Hall (dance club) last night, he runs to his cousin FarFar and screams on the top of his lungs.... AAAH! GET BUCKIE!!!! and FarFar replies My son is HOOD!
by Usman Aslam June 18, 2008
The term coined by poker pro Usman Aslam refers to taking all of the money/chips that people may have on the table in a poker game, while making the most donkey plays. All in on 7-2 off suite pre-flop and taking pots down with nine high are donkey plays and taking all of peoples money is moping the table clean.
Tony was on fire last night, I had Aces cracked by two pairs of 8/3. He was moping the table, no one stood a chance against his big stack.
by Usman Aslam June 18, 2008
Usman is an act of pulling a "no-call-no-show". When someone is missing in action for a short period of time, they have pulled an Usman. It could also imply being lazy and/or unproductive when used properly in context.
Tony: What happened to Debbie today?
Jim: She pulled another Usman.

My bunny rabbit is lazy bum, just sits there all day and likes being pet behind its ears. Its being Usman.
by Usman Aslam June 18, 2008
Is a form of bestiality exclusive dealing with cows. Ones feeling about cows, milk and lactation could leave them in a suspended state of umiar. If felt for extended periods of time, could eventually lead to maree-moo-cow-syndrome
The domino's guys is so Umair when it come to them jersey cows.
by Usman Aslam June 18, 2008
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