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In terms of jail/prison. Ocean View is a view out of your cell window that is something desirable and other than facing a brick wall, etc.
Hey man, I spent five years on that blcok, and i had Ocean View!
#jail #prison #ocean view #view #cellmates
by Usl-spct August 02, 2011
When 2 people who each have their own emotional baggage get together.
Robyn is a divorced mom of 5 and Jeff has 3 pfa's against him, i cannot believe they are hooking up....man thats some mixed luggage!
#relationships #bad relationships #baggage #skeletons #marriage
by Usl-spct September 18, 2011
The cardboard cover coffee shoppes place around coffee cups so that pussies dont burn their hands
Look at that guy drinking a latte with his pussy sleeve,because that shits just too hot and he cant handle it
#coffee #starbucks #hot #douchebag #tool
by Usl-spct February 14, 2015
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