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2 definitions by Username_Taken

To sneak up behind someone, then proceed to jump up and grab the victims head in one or both hands and then using momentum push the victims head into their own crotch. Popularized in the early 2000's in Southern California.
Dude I totally besmirched Paul. He was drinking a soda when I did it so it was even better.
by Username_Taken January 07, 2010
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An alternative for 4life, used by people who want to seem like hipsters, because 4life is so old and clichéd. Typically, they aren't actually hipsters.
Facebook Poster: omggg #yolo #swag5life
Commenter #1: Wow, way to try to be unique while still being a pretentious follower. You're going places in life.
Poster: wow h8rs gonna h8 my lyfe is the b3st lol omg such a sm4rt sentnce #yoloswag
by Username_taken January 10, 2013
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