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A complete manwhore. He hooks up with girls says he loves them and then leaves them right after getting some. he even tells them that he got what he wanted. Also happens to dump girls calluosly... ie. online or through letters. He goes to Prep and thinks he is soo hot, but he's not. He brother (twin) Matt is apparently nice, but the girls he goes out with would never no as Mike never introduces them. Mike isn't hot, but somehow he gets the really goodlooking girls sometimes like 3 at once. Really and truly Mike doesn't get what he deserves... nothing. And girls word of advice don't go out with him
Girl: omg Mike said he loves me and them we went all the way

(2 days later) Girl: awwww. he dumped me and after all i did

(3 days later) Girl sees Him hooking up with other girl
by USED January 02, 2005
A teenage girl, for example one who wants to get into the modelling business... she cant get in so reorts to sucing off the guy's knob, taking it wherever he puts it, then going home to her boyfriend to cuddle, beacause thats all that they do. but if it gets her a better chance at something she loves more, she'll do it.
Boyfreind:" so how was the photoshoot?"
(She gave out head and took all the cream in her face)
Boyfreind:" I love you"
Girlfreind:"I love you too.
by Used April 09, 2005
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