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Two or more people, usually drunk or just retarted, standing on the side of the road, when they see a car coming towards them, and they freeze, like deer before headlights. Then they book it to the nearest bush and dive behind it for cover. If they don't make it all the way, they do that one crawl that those army peoples do in the army. Then they wait for the car to repsond/leave.
The two girls were standing on a corner, when one saw a car coming down the street. She froze, staring at it, then booking it to a bush 10 feet away. She dives under it as does the other girl. The car stops in front of the bush, sitting their idle. Then a voice comes from the car.
'We see you~!'
'You can't hide from us!'
'You damn whippersnappers!.. Go home!'
by Us damn Whippersnappers! D: July 12, 2009

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