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a man who lacks a chin, has nipples located right above the anal cavity, and smells like mail pouch tobacco.
Wow, whats his problem? He's just a Swinderman
by Us People April 01, 2006
Staying the night at an attractive young lady's house (who happens to have the IQ of a goldfish, and is dating you). Then, breaking up with her the next morning, after a night full of sticky fingers, and play. Oh, and of course, board games. And Twister. And of course, youth group the next morning. And baking cookies. And lying on the couch. And we cant forget all of her friends coming over. And lastly, her orgasming so hard that her newly died, stapled in hair flies out.
Wow. Garrett's gonna have a long night. Hes Lacing Up.
by Us People June 07, 2006
The act of getting some play in a '96 Pontiac Grand Am.
I just took three Viagra, so now we're going to McDonalds!
by Us People April 01, 2006
The act of making a girl orgasm so hard her hair extensions shoot out of her.
Man what a lucky dude, he gave that chick a Morgan County Angel Hair!!!!!
by Us People June 07, 2006
The act of repeatingly punching a woman's vagina until she orgasms.
Elias gave Hollie the old "1, 2 punch!"
by Us People April 01, 2006
Someone who tries to sound smart by defining "pseudo-intellectual," while displaying a lack of proper grammar, sentence structure, or correct spelling. Said person is often found to have a fairly large amount of unwarranted arrogance. You are a chode.
Every single person who tried to define "pseudo-intellectual" just made themself out to be quite farcical. Their parents must be siblings.
by Us People July 06, 2009

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