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2 definitions by Ursan


(1) Bar found on most passenger cars that is just above the doors that is usually firmly attached to the roof frame work. It's a multi-purpose device officially used for the exiting of the vehicle. In practice it's use to grab hold of while the driver takes unnecessary driving maneuvers.

(2) Grab bars just above the doors that are strategically placed for the act of sexual intercourse in the vehicle.

(3) What one might yell when holding onto the fuck bar when going into a ditch.
"Tims knuckles were white from hanging onto the fuck bar when Bob decided to go drifting in the parking lot."

"Nicki found that with the seats reclined, the fuck bars were in the perfect spot for her and Bob to be intimate"
by Ursan November 20, 2008
Definition: Voter Uncertainty.

The feeling that your vote may not count either by fault with the counting of votes through human or mechanical error, or the feeling it's a lost cause.

You have the desire to vote, but uncertain that voting will really matter. The vote may not be counted correctly at all.
"Did you vote today?

"Yeah, but I'm feeling very chadnostic about it. Since 2000, I'm not sure the vote counts always work correctly.

"I feel like I'm just one voice in a crowd, will my vote count?"
by Ursan December 19, 2008