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A little magic dragon who hides in her cave all day, then comes out at night to munch on the stars.
Sophie likes to go on holidays to see her fancy man the loch ness monster, but she has a secret 'thing' with the kraken. Apart from it's not a secret anymore because i just told you.
A person who is reffered to as 'a Sophie' is generally a crazy maniac who acts like a magic dragon and runs wild in public.
Sophie's frequently misspell words but usually get them corrected by fantastic friends who somehow put up with their craziness.
Sophie's like to hump people that run past them. And go to quiet places and shout:
'Aaaaaaaaaaarh I AM A KRAKEN FROM THE SEA'
One word that would best describe a 'Sophie' would be-

Guy 1: Did you hear that?

Guy 2: Hear what?

Guy 1: It sounded like a magic dragon going crazy..

Guy 2: Oh don't worry, it was probably just a Sophie.

Guy 1: Oh, ok then:)
by Urmuuum January 18, 2011

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