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1 definition by Urly

Men who live in Denver, but leave the city every single weekend during the winter months to snowboard or participate in other manly activities in the mountains. Most dang bros have 9-5 jobs during the week, but flee for the mountains on the weekends to add value their manhood. During the summer months, dang bros can often be found in the mountains camping, hiking 14’ers, slaying wild animals and being manly. This dang bro behavior leads to slim pickings for the women of Denver during weekends, belittling the value of ‘Menver.’
I have a crush on this dang bro I met last week becasue he is sexy AND manly.

Dang bros for life!

I want to date a dang bro because then I can act single on the weekend.

I want to become a dang bro because chicks will dig me.
by Urly April 10, 2009