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This is a term used for the schizophrenic state of being excessively goofy and excessively serious, the ability to switch between the two, and being nowhere in between. This is generally encountered in high school band, choir, and other such musical groups. On their free time, they may act like stupid 5-year-olds. Some may even laugh at everything, every atom moved, every word spoken, even if to others it is dumb.

But when around adults, and in concerts, they become boring. In fact, very boring. They are obsessed with rules and such, and obey them like robots. They respect everyone, no matter how weird they are. And after the show, they switch back.
Goorious people are made fun of because they are goorious.

The chorus consisted of two groups: one made up of nerds obsessed with theory, and the other of goorious oddballs who would be bullied if they werent in the group.
by Urine Corporation October 13, 2012
A person who eats meat but not fish. The opposite of a pescatarian.

Carnitarian myths:
Myth: You will mess up your brain without fish!
Truth: There are plenty of non-fish sources of Omega 3. Some would argue that flaxseed oil is worse since it is not DHA, but our bodies can convert non-DHA omegas to DHA. Flax also has the added benefit of being mercury free.

Myth: Countries that eat fish are smarter!
Truth: Lets look at the statistics. USA is about 30th place worldwide for math, and Germany is twelfth. (Source: Business Insider) Yet Germany has a LOWER per-capita fish consumption. (Source: UN)

Myth: But you haven't tried THIS fish!
Truth: If I hit my hand on a glass wall, and then hit my hand on a concrete wall, would I have to hit my hand on a stone wall to see whether I like it or hate it?

Myth: Fish is lean protein, with no cholesterol!
Truth: Fish has cholesterol. If you want some lean protein, try some beans.

People have such double standards. They have no problem with vegetarianism or gluten-free diets, yet they make fun of people who don't eat fish. One is "an alternative diet", while the other is "immature picky eating" in the minds of fish eaters.
Many Americans are carnitarians.

Carnitarian: Fish doesn't deserve to be called protein. It is practically a veggie. It smells worse going in than it does coming out.
by Urine Corporation July 21, 2014
There are three types:

The choir geek: They are very interested in music. They may have good voices, but their primary talent is actually enjoying sight-reading. They have a passion. They enjoy it above everything else. They may major later on.

The ch. nerd: The sole purpose of his membership is that he can't fit in with anyone else. He acts like a little kid, may run around in practice, and make stupid jokes that a non-ch. kid would have bullied him for.

The plain ch. kid: Doesn't want to be too involved (see example for more info.)
Do not confuse thechoir geek with the nerd.

Typical choir geek joke: A: what is the name of that funeral song? B: what? A: This one (hums tune) B: That's an aria. how can an aria be a funeral song?

Choir nerd jokes, on the other hand, are usually in some way related to excrement, if not, are just plain stupid.

The first two types both use choir as an outlet, as a social group, that all your friends are a part of. However, the plain ch. kid is smart, in that he realizes that choir is a CLASS. He takes it because it is the most interesting Elective (not group), but is either in sports, or simply thinks that the others are too weird, which they are.

Choir kid
by Urine Corporation October 18, 2012
The guitar is a device used for making music. It works when the player strums on the strings with his right hand, and presses them upon "frets" with his left hand. Most guitars have 6 strings, but some folk musicians use a 12 string, and some metal heads prefer a 7-string with an extra bass string added. It is more proper to call them wires, since they are often made of metal, in non-classical situations.

The coolest guitar relies on electricity to take the sound waves through a series of effect boxes and a loudspeaker called the "Amp." The sound comes through the amp, not the guitar itself. It is called "electric guitar", and the unique combination of mechanical strings and electrical pulses allows for the sound to be distorted to any crunch, wah, buzz, twang, and other sound not obtainable on a conventional instrument, but horrible sounding on a synthesizer. It does produce natural string vibrations which can be heard from a yard away, but they are horrible and lousy.

The acoustic guitar is an older, more boring instrument, which exchanges the power for a fatter, but hollow body with a "sound hole". This makes the instrument nerdy and gay, and it can only make one type of sound. But what is lost is perceived coolness and flexibility is made up for in a lower energy bill. Besides, you want to show the over-30s that you are a good kid that isn't afraid to be true to himself?
I bought a rare 20-string guitar.

Jimi Hendrix and all punk, jazz, and rock bands were players ofthe Electric Guitar. Jimmy Page was a god.

Tom Chapin is a dried up children's folksinger who plays Acoustic Guitar.

Praetorius wrote for the Classical Guitar 200 years ago.

The Resonator Guitar is losing its fanbase, as old men are dying, if not, becoming too uncoordinated to play it.
by Urine Corporation March 17, 2012
A mythical being taught to young children as a fact. In American culture, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter bunny are the three primary Santoids. The Stork is a more minor one used to explain where babies come from.

People typically learn the truth, sometimes even from their parents, by 12. They learn that their parents placed the gifts under the tree, took the tooth and replaced it with money, hid eggs at 3 AM, and one night they got together and...you know.

The name comes from "Santa" plus "-oid", meaning "Santa-like."

Some say that Santoids are used to allow children to think critically and question everything.

Others say they are used as secular substitutes for Jesus, or as a way of commercializing Christmas/Easter. In the case of the stork, it is to protect their fragile developing psyches.
"Sinterklass is a Santoid that Scandinavians teach their children. It is just like Santa, except it isn't."

"In the minds of atheists, God is just a Santoid some people never grow out of."

"Monsters under the bed. The Scary Santoid. By three, you go through nights of no sleep, but by 6, you realize it is just a coat."
by Urine Corporation June 11, 2014
Abbreviation for Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Can be used on YouTube at the end of a video.
Don't forget to LCS!
by Urine Corporation July 06, 2015
A printer that brings digital designs to life, either by squirting molten plastic like a cake decorator, or by using a binder material to fuse powder.

Commonly requested items:
- Another 3d printer
- A gun
- A woman
- Organs

Though all those things are possible to some extent, they are usually cruddy and do not work unless you add some sort of manual labor.

Some people use their printers to print paperclips, toothpicks, phone cases, and whistles, but why not just go to the Dollar store instead? Also, 3d printed models are very crude, almost pixellated, and made out of cheap (but expensive) plastic.

Despite popular belief, 3d printing will never replace 2d printing. That is like saying "chainsaws will replace scissors". 2D printing is for printing out a biology report or business letter, and 3d printing is for printing out models.
A: Imagine if everyone had a 3D Printer in their house!
B: Are you kidding me? 3D printing is the biggest gimmick!
A: So was rock and roll and the Internets. It will improve in twenty more years.

C: Yay! I made a whistle, and it only took three hours!
D: You know, the dollar store sells metal whistles for 25 cents
C: (Blows whistle) Sounds as good as storebought!

I can only imagine how much the cartridges cost or how often you have to change them.
by Urine Corporation June 03, 2013

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