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4 definitions by Urine

Serj Tankian's swing hip dance he does at the end of the System of a Down video, "SUGAR!"
uh, Serj's dance makes me cream my pants!!
by Urine May 12, 2003
When one is so desperate that they feel the need to resort to fucking a hippo.
Serj- "Daron! Groupies!"
Daron- "Are they hot?"
Serj- "...Dude, I'd fuck a hippo right now. I don't care!"
by Urine May 12, 2003
People that explode spontaniously.
I HATE IT when those guys in Resident Evil Zero explode all over you!
by Urine May 12, 2003
Steve, Righ?'s name in Japanese. Spelled as RI-KA in romanji. Ka is placed at the end of a sentace in Japanese to make it a question.
Steve Righka ga suki desu...
by Urine May 13, 2003