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Steel Reserve is a high-gravity, low-expense alcoholic lager beverage which comes in three forms: the 6-pack of 12 oz. cans, the 24 oz. can and the black label 24 oz. can, which packs a whalloping 8.1% alc/vol. It is also referred to by nominal social circles in the southeast as a Stiff Henry, for reasons unknown. Steel Reserve is a homely brew with a refreshing taste and high chugability factor. It also tastes splendid in combination with a cigarette. One can only speculate that it is costing the industry millions of dollars in deficit to market a 24 oz. can for a measly 99 cents. Theoretically, a homeless derelict of legal age can scrounge up enough money to purchase a can of Steel Reserve and get stinking drunk, presuming he did not first surrender his funds to a fast-food restaurant dollar menu. Additionally, Steel Reserve is probably the only drink which promotes Viking mythology.
Possible Dialogue:
Bum: "You're kidding me. I get all of that for a buck?"
Sales Clerk: "It's no joke, sir."
Bum: "So lemme get this right - I get a great taste AND a low price?"
Sales Clerk: "You can't drink that in the store, sir."
Bum: "My, my... you don't see THESE in the dumpster everyday."
Sales Clerk: "I'm going to have to call security."
by Uriah April 26, 2005
The essential smoothness of a beverage (usually alcoholic), lack of harshness, possessing the quality of a lager or pilsner drink which promotes effortlessness and/or speediness in the act of drinking.

A chug is constituted by several successive gulps of a beverage, usually resulting in said beverage to trickle down one's cheeks and/or stain one's clothing.
Drinks With High Chugability:
Golden Eagle
Miller Magnum
Steel Reserve

Drinks With Low Chugability:
by Uriah April 26, 2005
Slang term used by southeasterners to describe the alcoholic drink Steel Reserve. The origin of this terminology is unknown, however its implications are rumored to be non-homosexual in nature.
Good Example:
Frederic: "Greetings, Clancy. Are you prepared to partake in a round of Stiff Henrys?"

Bad Example:
Ville Valo: "Is it still stiff, Henry?"
Henry: "Why, yes. Yes it is."
by Uriah April 26, 2005
On August 17th, 1936 the Anheuser-Busch brewing company created the first canned beer. It came in a golden can and abandoned the A-B logo with the A & Eagle logo, a red circle with black eagle claw lines. Recently Anheuser-Busch returned this legendary beer to the market with its packaging basically intact. It is crisp and rich and possesses one of the highest chugability factors known to man.
"This one time I downed a Golden Eagle in 3 seconds."
by Uriah April 26, 2005
what your momma gets every night
Have good night baby I'm going to fuck uriah.
by uriah June 25, 2003

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