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The rather tangy version of popular brown cola available in a widely dispersed chain of supermarkets throughout the UK and Ireland. Whilst not a major competitor in the Pepsi challenge due to its harsh and unrelenting nature, Tescoke is still great value for money at a fraction of the cost of 'the real thing'.

Also, when there's Jack Daniels in it, who gives a f*ck!

Dude 1: "You got any more Coke?"

Dude 2: "Yeah, but its this nasty Tescoke, not the real stuff"

Dude 1: "What do I care? Im mixing Jim Beam n Jack Daniels - give it here!"
by Urbane dick April 08, 2009

~Pronounce with caution and grimace~

With 3 characteristic 'h's, ehhhverywhere is an extreme expression of just how much of (and/or how widely dispersed a range of) a particular material there is in existence. Only to be used in circumstances of abundance that even Bono would aspire to.

Ehhhverywhere can also be used in conjunction with a metaphor to describe something intangible.

Obama: "Damn Hilary, that was some load I just blew on your face - its in your hair and all over the rug - you really took it like a Lewinski!"

Clinton: "I know Mr. President. That sh*t went ehhhverywhere!"

"Has anyone noticed the surprising lack of interest in Obama these days? I mean, pre-election talk of him was ehhhverywhere"
by urbane dick April 08, 2009
Irish slang for cannabis resin or hashish, particularly used in Dublin by individuals of a car-less nature. Never to be used in the description of the sweet smelling green, notch is only a reference to resin.

Notch ~ Noun

"Hey man, pass me the notch, I feel like skinning up"

Notch ~ Verb

"Dude Im gonna notch on my lunchbreak, you want some?"

Notch ~ Adj

"I was supposed to clean out the garage on Saturday - but it turned out to be a notch day"
by urbane dick April 08, 2009
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