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Invented with the creation and spread of Christianity, a heretic (in the middle-ages) is every one who did not accept or questioned the Catholic church or its laws. Unlike what the Church spread, Heretics were rarely Satanists or non-believers.
In fact, in many cases, they had a stronger and more realist belief in God than that of the Church followers. It is just that the Heretics believed the Church's ways were wrong and corrupted, and that is why they followed their own way.
Many great people through history were Heretics, and they were punished and executed by the Church.
by Urban_Fellow July 17, 2006
A satanic race of pure evil, who rule the Internet through a Monarchistic feudelic system.
On that system of reigning, on the head stands the Head Admin. Underneath him there are the Secondary Admins.
Loyal to them, and lower in the ladder are the Moderators.
Underneath the Moderators are the Sub-Moderators, who have to do all the dirty field-work.
In the bottom of the Internet system there are the members or users. They hardly have any rights and are often oppressed by those of a higher social class, and must obey the Moderators and Admins.
Disobeyance of their orders will result for the members in a ban, and even in IP ban from the system.
We, the members, really need a revoltion that will rid us of the evil reign of Admins, and bring Democracy to the Internet.
by Urban_Fellow July 16, 2006
Just a newer form of anti-semitism.
Antizionists deny the right of the Jewish nation to rule the country of Israel. Antizionists deny that the land of Israel ever belonged to the Jewish nation. (as said in the bible) Antizionists even deny that Jews are a nation, or ever were one. They would often repeat things said by famous anti-semites of the 19-20 centuries, only swaping the word "Jew" with "Zionist". They would refer to each and every citizen of Israel as "Zionist oppressor" and blame him/her for the suffering of the Palestinians. In fact, they would deny simply all of the Jewish history in Israel, and the connection between the Jews and the country, claiming the Arabs ALWAYS ruled Israel and that the evil Zionist just came out of no-where and drove them away.

If all that is true for you, then please, I ask you in any possible way: read the bible. And then read the further history of the land of Israel, that passed from the Babylonians, to the Persian, to the Greeks, to the Romans, to the Byzantians, to the Muslims, to the Crusaders, to the Mamelukes, to the Ottomans, to the British. And tell me which of those great nations remained alive long enough through history to reclaim the land as it's own. And now that you see the only nation that lived throught two thousends years, and ruled the magnificent kingdom of Israel CENTURIES before Islam or Christianity were even formed, do you think your protest against us will do us any harm?
anti-semite: The Jews want to take over the world!
anti-zionist: The Zionists want to take over the Middle East!

anti-semite: The evil Jewish capitalists are enslaving the Christian nations!
anti-zionist: The evil Zionists are enslaving the Muslim nations!

anti-semite: The Jews drink the blood of Chrisian babies!
anti-zionist: The Zionists genocide the Palestinian people!

anti-semite: The Jews should be driven out of Germany!
anti-zionist: The Zionists should be driven out of Palestine!

Need any more examples of anti-Zionism?
by Urban_Fellow May 06, 2007
An attempt of Wrigley's mark, Orbit, to seem leet by making a new gum "for adults" in a package for pills, and giving it a cool name.
-Dude, what are those pills you're taking?
-Pills? No, those aren't pills! It's Orbit's new mark, Orbit Professional!
by Urban_Fellow July 02, 2006
A nickname for the lifestyle of Rock stars. The three things are stereotypically connected, and none can be separated from the others.

Basically, the idea is that the lives of rock stars are in their bigger part those three things: having sex (with fans), using drugs(often illegal ones), and performing (this is what the rock and roll stands for).
Examples to Rock stars that lived the "sex, drugs, and rock n roll" way:
1) Elvis Presley. Died of drug abuse.
2) Guns and Roses. The guitarist Slash nearly died of drug abuse.
3) Queen. Vocal Freddy Mercury died of AIDS after being infected by having unprotected sex.
by Urban_Fellow February 11, 2007
What every person in the world sometimes wishes to become.
I wish I could be invisible a least for a while. That way, I could enter everywhere without paying and listening to people's chats without being noticed.
by Urban_Fellow July 10, 2006
1. A large port-city in Ukraine, located on the Black sea. Has borders with Romania, Moldova, and a sea-boder with Turkey.
2. The cultural capital of Eastern Europe.
3. The crime capital of Eastern Europe.
4. Probably the only city in the world where thievery and deception are not only seen as normal jobs, but actually seen as kinds of art.
5. A city where presumably 40% of the population are Jews, though they would not admit it.
6. Half of the Russian humor books' stories takes place in this city.
7. Some of the greatest theives and robbers of all times grew-up in this city.
8. A city, whose criminals could probably buy the police of the city if they wanted to, but they shouldn't since the police respects them.
9. A city that before the Revolution was tax-free, and was a center of attention for tourists, merchants, and cultural experts from all around Europe, but under the Soviet government lots it's beauty and livliness. Hopefully will rise again in the future and regain its' greatness.
10. If you visit the city, and by the time you return nothing was stolen from you, or you still have more than half the money you came with, nobody will believe you you was in Odessa.
Ah, Odessa... The pearl of the seas.
by Urban_Fellow October 10, 2006

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