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Alcoholic white trash from MySpace, who holds the record for the most deleted person on MySpace, with over 25 and counting. She lives in New Jersey, was a former pole dancer (but had to quit when the customers kept yelling "put it on, put it on!!") and now spends her days on both MySpace and her eponymous website, badmouthing people she has never met.

Bad Lisa broadcasts about 30-40 bulletins a day (because she is chronically unemployed) threatening various people on MySpace, taking it so seriously, she plans vengeance of various kinds in blogs which she sets to private (although her "friends" frequently betray her and report her to MySpace for terms of service violations). She imagines people she never met as her enemies that have to be bought down and humbled.

Bad Lisa usually has 1000s of backup profiles because her life is so meaningless, even with small children that she raises by herself, that MySpace and her blog talk radio are about all she has going for her. She has no money. Her "friends" are all from the Internet. She has "bitch" tattooed on her saggy breasts. Her hair is over-processed. Her skin is lizard like and melanomas ridden.

Her "talents" lie in mockery of a perceived MySpace user's identification name, or Photoshopping a default of that enemy in unflattering imagery. That is because Bad Lisa is ugly even without Photoshop tweaking.

Her blog talk radio shows are exercises in alcoholism run amuck, because she is so plastered during the broadcasts only a few words are somewhat audible. In her shows, she denounces people and threatens people with violence even though she has a criminal record and can ill afford to threaten people.

In short, Bad Lisa is a drunk, a former criminal, a failed pole dancer, a MySpace nobody, who is followed by the most hated drek in Internet history, and is destined to die of cirhosis of the liver if she doesn't do the world a favor and commits suicide.
Bad Lisa is the most hated woman on MySpace. More people have blocked her than even weak chinned rabble rouser ericbrooks.com.

Bad Lisa is about as low down the food chain as some rodents.

Bad Lisa? Her default is a pair of shapeless scrawny chicken legs in cheap, plastic looking, beat up pumps she bought from GoodWill.

"Oh my God, some Bad Lisa ran down my leg after a bad chilupe at Taco Bell!!!"

"Oh man! What's that smell? Who fucking Bad Lisa'ed and can someone get some Lysol?"
by UrbanTaliban January 22, 2009

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