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That classic sound of a man undoing his belt to begin the process of masturbation. The metallic jingle is so distinct that one can assume, when walking by a room and hearing "the belt buckle jingle," a man is about to jerk off. Once heard, it's in a person's best interest to leave the man alone for roughly 5 minutes. The belt buckle jingle is extremely unique because such a sound only exists when a man is about to masturbate. If he is simply taking off his pants, or even putting his pants on, the noise is noticeably different. This could be due to the lack of excitement and chubbiness. Nonetheless, the belt buckle jingle is something that everyone should respect and be aware of.
Roommate 1: (belt buckle jingle)

Roommate 2: Hey man are you hungry (speaking through a door)

Roommate 1: (coughs)

Roommate 2: (walks back to his room and patiently waits)

by UrbanPete574 February 01, 2008

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