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A portmanteau of flamboyant and boasting.

1. (adv): The quality of being simultaneously flamboyant in appearance or nature combined with a blatant or subtle braggadocio; and

2. (v): To flamboyantly boast; either through words or actions.
(adj) Ex: Jim strutted confidently into court flamboastin' the jury and audience with his fine suit, sleek tophat, and gleaming walking cane.

(v) Ex: Joe Kramer dropped his iced out money clip onto the stripper's ass casually and told her: "That's not the only surprise you'll find." The stripper later confided to her colleagues that despite his flamboastin', the money clip was only rhinestones and the metal was turning green. That was only the beginning of her disappointment.
by UrbanMaroon November 14, 2013

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