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Response to a completely inarticulate comment made by someone who should focus mostly on looking attractive to become successful. Verbal communication by this person is likely to cause embarrassment to this person and to those around her.
MISS CALIFORNIA: "We live in a land that you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage"

EVERYONE AROUND HER: "Miss California, you're so pretty."
#inarticulate #riduculous #dim-witted #annoying #embarrassing
by UrbanGirlInFL April 22, 2009
An outward expression of interest and excitement while truly feeling indifferent or annoyed on the inside. Typically exhibited in the workplace.
False enthusiasm is when you say to the boss: "Another new tracking sheet for us to use? This is a great tool to help us be more productive! I can't wait to start using it!"

While Thinking: "If I have to fill out one more freaking tracking sheet, I'm going to go insane."
#enthusiasm #excitement #apathetic #indifferent #annoyed
by UrbanGirlInFL June 23, 2009
The scent in a crowded gay bar on ocean drive in Miami during a torrential downpour.
"It smells like wet fag in here."
#gay #sweaty #doused #soaked #rain
by UrbanGirlInFL July 10, 2008
The kind of love that develops when two people connect during an under-employed time in their lives. Characterized by lazy evenings spent bonding over sitcoms, movies, and home cooked meals. Fueled by the knowledge that the couple is together as the result of a genuine affection for one another, as opposed to being together for insincere or ulterior motives. Also known as "The Real Deal."
We've got that broke love, baby.
#poor #happy #sincere #love #real
by UrbanGirlInFL April 27, 2012
The physical act of leaving your place of employment for multiple hours without clocking out, and usually without notifying anyone. Sometimes done under the guise of a work related task, with the expectation that no one will realize how long you've been gone.
Vik: says nothing and leaves.
Co-worker A: "Has anyone seen Vik lately?"
Co-worker B: "Not since this morning."
Vik: returns after being gone for hours and still says nothing.
Co-worker A: "I think I'm gonna go take a Vik."
Co-worker B: "Me too!"
#work #schedule #break #employee #timeclock
by UrbanGirlInFL December 30, 2010
Short for "My Status Is Average."

Refers to the most lame and boring status updates. Used for status updates that discuss things like what day of the week it is, the weather report, and/or how many days remain until the weekend.
Status “It’s hump day. Only two more days until the weekend.”
Comment: “Please add MSIA to your lame status update. Thank you.”
#status #comment #mundane #lame #boring
by UrbanGirlInFL September 02, 2009
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