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It's really all in the name. It's a girl who is extremely insecure and wants to be desired. This girl will usually want to be a model or anything that will make her more desirable to people. She wants to become a sex symbol to men and thus would probably model in a bikini or underwear. Nothing is beneath her. Not marriage material.
She: Wow look at her she is such an attention whore!
He: I believe you call it a Désiré
by UrbanDurban March 20, 2013
having the love horn sucked, to go for a throating,
After a hard day, theres nothing nicer than someone smokin the bone
by Urbandurban July 04, 2003
to be put in the most horrific situation
"Our little secret!" said Frank as he snuggles in bed with his son.
MUM: "I'll just finish this hot sweaty work, and then you can rummage m'gash"
by Urbandurban July 04, 2003
small lumps of dirt found under breasts
"She was abag lady and I was feeling hot, so I pushed her in the trolley and licked her nogglets."
by Urbandurban July 04, 2003
act. pushing Jeremy Fisher up the benjamin bunny, pokin dirt, to take it up the dirt box. Rectal trespass
"Go on Harry, Give me a chocolate frog"
by Urbandurban July 04, 2003
hairy wheels, nadjas
by Urbandurban July 04, 2003
verb.to lap the labia
by Urbandurban July 04, 2003

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