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2 definitions by UrbanAunTee

derv: invent
Sarcastic rating used to deplete someone's excitement about something they found about or that's been around for a long time.

To acknowledge a obvious falsehood.

Fat person raging.
BettyLou: I left my bottle of designer water in the freezer and it turned into ice!
Response: Thanks for the chinvent.
SmarkyMarky: So anyway, after I turned pro I picked up Paris in my Corvette.
Response: You're quite the chinventor!
BIGBERTHA: I'm SICK&TIRED ({!#xx#) sick and tired of buying cheap clothes that RIPPPP (whew)
Reply: Settle down you're having a chinvention.
by UrbanAunTee June 05, 2007
Victim with quality, traits or lack of experience that makes getting over easy.
Louie: Git the money from MaryLou, she ain't got no game.
Friend: Ahhh, that's low. She's a straight-up dip trick.
Sally: Here's comes dip trick.
Friend: I'd take him if his dick or wallet was as big as his ego.
by UrbanAunTee June 03, 2007