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Aathira, comes from the word, Thiruvathira, It also means full moon
She is a girl, who talks, and when upset she becomes quiet
So many guys like her, but she has picked already one guy, that no one knows about.
She likes guys who can speak for themselves
She is very beautiful, and intelligent just like the Moon.
Oh Look there is a Aathira in the sky tonight!!!

Look how beautiful Aathira looks
by urban101 July 01, 2013
A person who seems to want to talk alot to you but is not able to. So instead he taps to get your attention, and if he is ignored, the tapping gets more severe. And if agitated he will full out slap you.

Bachoo can also be seen making sounds like "Pahpoo", or "woo weee".

he also likes selling snowboards which are of no good to anybody.
Holy shit! theres bachoo, better pay attention so he doesnt slap you.
by Urban101 February 22, 2005
a person who is is constantly bullied and harrased, but still thinks he is cool at the end of the day, but in reality he really is not. he is also sheltered and has not explored.
man! stop being a meghji!
by Urban101 February 20, 2005

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