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The act of pulling out during intercourse and shooting your cum on the outside of a woman's vagina.
Don't worry, I will pull out and butter your muffin.
by Urban Tony October 22, 2006
To have a raging hard-on. To have an erect penis.
Dude, that girl was so hot. When we were slow dancing, I was sporting a chubber.

Most days, when I wake up I am sporting a chubber.
by Urban Tony January 04, 2007
A game, mostly played in college. The object is for a group of guys to go out for the night and attempt to fuck the worst looking (or fat) woman they can. In the morning they compare notes and decide who won.
Sometimes losing, is actually winning and vice versa (in my opinion).

Fucking women, who usually can not get laid, for sport.
Wow, I would have to say Matt won at pigfucking last night, the girl he did was fat and ugly.

I slept with Cindy, she was hot! I guess I lost at pigfucking, but I don't care.
by Urban Tony January 04, 2007
A raging hard on. This term was invented by a friend of mine. We were talking about having an erection in the morning, which is sometimes called; Morning Wood. He invented this term to denote an extreme case of Morning Wood.....Full Sequoia.
This morning when I woke up, I was sporting Morning Wood.....it was FULL SEQUOIA.
by Urban Tony November 05, 2009
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