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To offer advice or suggestion to resolve a problem. Often used in context of emphasizing common sense, a very strong opinion, or to belittle/mock a person's point of view.

Likely taken from GamePro magazine, which used the term as early as 1989 in conjunction with screengrabs of video to capture reader's attention to offer advice on completing video games and tying the term into the publication's title.
Protip: Don't raise your voice or joke about guns at the security station in an airport: you're asking for trouble if you do.
by Urban Squirrel January 06, 2009
A hilariously bad re-dubbed piece of dialogue used in place of "fucking asshole" in the summer 1998 film "There's Something About Mary" when lovesick Ted (played by Ben Stiller) confronts stalkers Healy (Matt Dillon), a former private eye hired by Ted to find her who subsequently also falls for Mary and Tucker (Lee Evans), a friend of Mary's pretending to be someone other than his pizza delivery job really is.
Healy: You're calling <i>me</i> a stalker?

Ted: (waving bottle) You're a frogging ash pole.
by Urban Squirrel March 08, 2013

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