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1. The belief that adding bacon to any recipe will increase its appeal.
2. The tendency of elected officials to tack on funding projects to completely unrelated legislation.
1. "Tell me again why you added bacon to these chocolate chip cookies." "Baconomics, dude - bacon makes everything taste better!"
2. "The US Senate added funding for a highway building project in Iowa to the bill giving cattle in California the right to vote in local elections."
by Urban Sprawl Mama January 19, 2013
Considering the impact on the environment before taking action, but only when it is more convenient or cheaper to do so.
"I never thought she'd consider buying a super-energy-efficient refrigerator. That must have cost a ton of money!"

"Nah, she got it on sale, so it was the same price as a regular one."

"Oh. How enviromittent of her!"
by Urban Sprawl Mama December 18, 2012

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