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Very short hair cut , often in milary first used in world war 2 for hair cut that left very short stubble on top often called burrcut, its been modified through years to more derogatory references found here
Give that recruit a buzzcut
by Urban Sage June 25, 2011
All 72 of the other definitions do apply by circumbstance or situation of using various drugs including marijuana, alcohol, any one of the illegal drugs including amphetimines, LSD, cocaine, crack or what ever drug is popular with an age group but at the same time used to define your own state of mind do to all the causes above but can include extreme exhaustion. However some people maybe 'stoned' by those definitions but otherwise act normal.
I am so stoned it was gospel", "I was stoned silly but no one could tell", "Used eyedrops to hide the redness but no one could tell i was stoned
by Urban Sage June 25, 2011
Originally used in the 60s and on for being mildly stoned. It got added to using alcohol to describe mild inebreation that was not enough to qualify for getting ticketed for drinking. originally it just meant mild intoxication from smoked drugs including tobacco, ut hs since come to be used with drinks and one anti drinking commercial uses it now
wow got a nice buzz off that pipe" "That pot got me a little buzz" "Hey, let me have a toke off that joint to get a little buzz
by Urban Sage June 25, 2011
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