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The anus of a person who is about to receive anal sex.
I stuck my morning wood right in her woodring, that woke her up.
by Urban Leximologist February 08, 2010
The order in which pictures are arranged when placed in albums.
I albumitized all my pictures and now they're in albumetical order.
by Urban Leximologist August 06, 2010
Arrange in albums, as photographs are.
I finally got that pile of pictures all albumitized. It took me all weekend to albumitize them.
by Urban Leximologist August 06, 2010
Left feeling confused or astonished by the fact that one's sexual partner is a "squirter".
I had never heard of a "squirter" so when she had an orgasm and I was blinded by a stream of liquid, I felt very disconsquirted.
by Urban Leximologist April 14, 2010
The disconcerting feeling one gets when one first encounters a "squirter" during engagement in sexual activity.
I didn't know she was a squirter, so I found the sudden spray of liquid during her orgasm to be very disconsquirting.
by Urban Leximologist April 14, 2010

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