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A group of people collaborating to make the world a better place by creating original obsene, vulgor and/or simply humerous Urban Dictionary posts relating to Iolani school for academic and college preporation, or other significant figures in Hawaii.

Collaborate at: https://sites.google.com/site/urbaniolanisuggestions
Urban Iolani is the best way to vent the bullshit of your day at Iolani and have a good laugh.
by Urban Iolani November 17, 2010
1) A newspaper in Hawaii

2) After having buttsex, press your ass against the window and shart.
1) "Dude, the Star Advertiser sucks asscrack. Dont buy it."

2) "Man, some Iolani people were going at it yesterday. I saw some wrinkly old ass do a Star Advertiser!"
by Urban Iolani November 17, 2010
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