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An item of clothing lent by a girl to another girl to help her out on a night out when she discovers she hates her entire wardrobe just before going out.
Suzy: "Hey, nice top, you look great"

Shauna: "Thanks, it's actually a sharewear - I couldn't find a thing to wear but Louise lent me this"
#share #clothes #women #borrowing #wear
by Urban Englander May 23, 2009
An extremely large unit of emotional baggage
Vince: Hey Seth are you still seeing Monica?

Seth: No way man, I never called her, she's got baggage

Vince: Dude, everyone's got baggage, get over it

Seth: No I'm serious man, she's got an emotional Samsonite... in fact she's got the whole matching luggage set
#baggage #issues #stress #skeletons #demons
by Urban Englander June 12, 2009
Someone who only has the ability to remain information for about as long as they can retain their own water. They regularly ask you things that they've only asked you very recently.
Steve: "So what did Nick want you for?"

Johnny: "He wanted to know how to set up the printer"

Steve: "Again? Didn't you show him the last two days already?"

Johnny: "Yeah. The man has a serious bladder brain, he just can't hold on to information"
#bladder #brain #forgetful #annoying #idiot
by Urban Englander March 02, 2011
A very very basic TV package.
Dude 1: "Let's just get some beers and watch the football at yours"

Dude 2: "No, we'll have to find somewhere to watch it - I've only got the basic pauper view TV package, I can't get the football"
#tv #poor #television #cable #sport
by Urban Englander February 14, 2011
Kind of like replyall but on Facebook. A friend updates their status, a few others comment and then you wade in with a comment aimed not just at your friend but all the others who commented too.
Johnny: My girlfriend is mad with me...

Trey: Why?

Johnny: I posted on Facebook that I was struggling with a hangover. A few of the guys commented and then Lloyd does a replywall about that blonde girl in Hooters. Did it not cross his mind that my girlfriend might be a Facebook friend? Idiot!
#reply #facebook #internet #computer #friend
by Urban Englander November 13, 2009
The people you see in supermarkets that seem to think they exist in a vacuum and block the whole aisle, so transfixed by the products on the shelves.

You can sometimes pass by them after saying "excuse me" about the third time.
Guy 1: Dude, he/she sure was a vacuum guy/girl, what's so fascinating about the shampoo aisle anyway?

Guy 2: He/She sure was, he/she seemed genuinely amazed that a busy downtown store actually had other people in it.
#people #vacuum #annoying #habit #manners #vacuous
by Urban Englander May 23, 2009
The complete inability to think or speak that some people get when their phone call is answered by someone other than the person they tried to ring.

They seem so stunned by the fact that someone they called might momentarily be away from their desk, that they had never thought of a way to deal with such an eventuality.
John's colleague: "Hello, John Smith's phone.................Hello?

Caller: "......er, hi.......er........is John not there?...."

John's colleague: "No, he's not about right now, can I take a message or something?"

Caller: "Er....er....yeah, can you ask him to call James at Acme? He's got my number"

John's colleague: "Will do, thanks.........(hangs up).....Jeez that dude had real phone paralysis!
#phone #office #work #message #paralysis
by Urban Englander June 20, 2009
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