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When your potential Urban Dictionary defs are REJECTED!
"Oh my God! WHY, WHY did this happen to ME? I've been Urban Dick Blocked! I'm gonna kill myself."
by Urban Dixie July 28, 2006
The Head Man at Urban Dictionary who dictates what entries are accepted or rejected.
Urban Dixie: Please Mr. Urban Dictator, I'll do ANYTHING to get my entries on the Dick.
by Urban Dixie May 28, 2006
When you have your secretary honey type in all of your urban dictionary entries for you.
Urban Dick: Come on honey, you're a secretary, you type way faster than me. I just hunt and peck. Please do some urban dictation for me.

Urban Dictationer: Okay, okay! Gaahhhd!
by Urban Dixie May 28, 2006
Someone who thinks that HIS Urban Dictionary defs are WAY BETTER than anyone else's.
"I surf Urban Dictionary to read my own defs and vote for them." -- Urbane Dick
by Urban Dixie July 28, 2006
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